Water, Water, Everywhere!

What is life without trials and tribulations? It is not all about going to concerts and listening to your favorite Celtic music, although I wish it would be. It is also about mundane activities like cleaning the house, running errands and installing a new kitchen faucet. I bring this up today because I tried to install the unit along with a garbage disposal with disastrous results. It is almost funny and worthy of sharing. Katie was at a concert, thankfully, so she wasn’t a witness to the mess. I thought I had more talent in the plumbing department. They say that faucets are super easy to replace. I must have fallen short with the garbage disposal.

Without warning, there was a gush of water below the sink and it wouldn’t stop. Water, water, everywhere! Unlike some spills, you can’t save any of it. I ran for the huge old mop in the garage. It took many trips to the utility sink to finally see a dry floor. Everything around, however, was damp: the bottoms of the lower wood cabinets and the legs of the kitchen table. I found a fan to use as a dehumidifier. I prayed that no mold would appear. Meanwhile, I was without a garbage disposal although the stellar Hansgrohe looked divine when I saw it at https://www.kitchenfaucetdepot.net/hansgrohe-faucet-brand-review/. Fortunately, it came with instructions. Not so for the other item. Everyone I know finds videos on YouTube but for some reason, I was overconfident about my abilities. Let me warn you to avoid this pitfall. Research well before you attempt something in the plumbing arena.

A friend came over to see the new Hansgrohe and immediately slipped on the still wet floor. A few spots still remained in spite of the mop and fan. While he laughed, it wasn’t funny to see a friend go “splat.” A photo found its way to Instagram the next day. All of a sudden, I started getting tons of emails and texts from friends and acquaintances who wanted to know more about the mishap. They wanted to mock me for sure—a poor hapless creature in distress. I got no sympathy.  “Tommy, what kind of mop did you use?” “Why didn’t you notice any water at first?” “Tommy, my friend, did you recycle the water?” “How on earth…?” “Are you nuts…?” “What made you think…?”

It seemed that now the whole world knew about my bad luck in the plumbing department just because I wanted to post a single photo. There are times when you just shouldn’t share your life. This is the moral of this story. Don’t provoke people into berating you for a lack of household skill. Keep your failure to yourself! I would have preferred a helping hand, someone to come over and finish the job. Instead, I called a tech from Hansgrohe who would check the faucet and also see to the garbage disposal. He was no one-trick pony. A savior in overalls.