Gotta Spend Money to Make Money

While looking for some old sold-out McKrells albums (or even any good Celtic music), we were scouring the thrift stores and pawn shops. We had made good finds in the past. All this shopping costs money in the long run, so when we spotted a metal detector for a good price, we jumped at the chance. What on earth you must be asking? You aren’t going to find CDs with it, are you? Ha!

We have a good explanation. Having found ourselves a little short of cash to support our musical interests, including travel to concerts and tickets, we devised a unique plan. Using a metal detector to find gold – in other words, we would look for buried treasure in the form of gold coins or pieces of jewelry. We had heard that someone in another town had made a good haul this way and we wanted to follow suit. Spending on a detector would be worth it. As the old saying goes, you have to spend money to make money. We buy that. The device went home and we looked up methods and places for metal detection within a hundred-mile range. Where this other fellow had gone, we didn’t know so we gave ourselves a wide berth. Our goal was to make enough to cover the next music trip. We only had a week. Spending a day in the forest or a fairground was better than panhandling for sure. At least we wouldn’t get dirty looks.

We selected a nice day when the weather was fine and we dressed casually wearing sturdy boots. We weren’t sure what kind of terrain we would encounter. We put the detector in a pouch so we wouldn’t lose it. We could put anything we find inside as well. Some would call us naïve but we set out.

We enjoyed our hike, starting first with the forest as it was farthest away. If we had success, we could forget the hard concrete fairgrounds. We had a picnic lunch to share and a bottle of wine. After traipsing through some underbrush and bumping into a few trees, we sat down to enjoy the wine. We finished the bottle and resumed our search, feeling a little tipsy. I started to question whether this bloody metal detector actually works. They sell tons of them online so it must. We got our instructions on the Internet which is there for fools like us. We were getting discouraged after a few hours. On the way out, I stumbled and fell and the detector suddenly went off with a kind of buzzing sound. “X marks the spot,” I laughed with glee. I was both drunk and ecstatic. There was definitely some type of metal in the ground. We dug quickly and shouted “eureka” in unison. We pulled out a box that was sealed. Someone had buried it to hide the contents no doubt. If you drop something like this, you can easily retrieve.

I almost don’t want to tell you what was inside. It was a beautiful gold heart locket with a name inscribed on the back. We took it to a jeweler who set a value and also informed us that he knew who owned it. In short, we had to give it back.