Sometimes I Hate Being an Adult

Hey’s it’s Tommy here with today’s blog post. I will give up most anything to listen to Celtic music live at a music festival. They are few and far between so I jump at any chance. I can go without a vacation, a new mattress, a dinner or two out, or new clothes. I cannot go without a water heater however. Why am I even making this difficult choice: hot showers or my favorite bands? It is a bit of an issue since the festival is far away and Katie and I will need transportation and lodging. It can add up what with the high cost of tickets to get the best seats. If the venue were in town, it would be a slam duck decision. But really! I can’t heat up water for bathing in a tea kettle like they did in antiquity. What would you do? Put up with cold showers?

You might say: bargain hunt for a new appliance to replace the one that malfunctions. I agree. As for me, I need to budget for the trip and deduct it from my savings. What is left over goes into a new water heater. I hope it is enough for a new one, but it doesn’t have to be top of the line. Sure, I can buy a used model, but that is what I have now. It can be repaired, but the plumber warned me that it likely to go on the fritz in the near future. He would be doing patchwork at best and I would be wasting money. It isn’t worth for such a short period of time—a mere stop-gap measure.

At a local home improvement store, I look for sale items and wish to heaven that they include the new tankless styles that I’ve seen on Water Heater Watch. There seems no point in repeating the same mistake twice. Tanks leak and the pilot light goes out. It is tricky if the heater runs on gas. The clunky tanks take up so much room. They used to put them in garages, attics, basements, and on the roof. I prefer the simple installation afforded by the small tankless versions. Maybe I can do it myself and save the $100 for the plumber.

I am in a hurry and in a panic since the concert tickets are soon going to sell out. Do you ever hate being a responsible adult? Sometimes necessity is a priority over entertainment. You have to maintain your residence to proper standards. I can see keeping an old stove if only half the burners work. I can see keeping a car until it collapses. I can see buying a used vacuum, but I can’t see letting the hot water provision go by the wayside. I made my decision and bought a bargain (last year’s tankless model) that will serve me well for years. Guess who is going to the festival? I am so excited that I started to sweat bullets and had to take a hot shower. It was no problem.