For the Guy Who Has Everything…

We are a close pair, Tommy and me. We are both authors of this blog. Most often you will find us relaxing in the rec room listening to Celtic music. The McKrells are of course our favorite group led by Kevin McKrell, the noted bluegrass songwriter. Perhaps you know that various leading groups around the globe have recorded and performed his music. We know every song. In America, the Kingston Trio are the most admired. Back to Kevin. I have to tell you that he is lead vocal and plays a mean guitar and bodhran (Celtic design Irish drums). You will learn some esoteric things on this site. You will get some trivia and personal stories of interest only to us. But I am compelled to relate things in my life. Who doesn’t want a listening audience? To whom do you tell the details of your existence? Sure, we all have friends and family; but there is something particularly rewarding about confessing stuff to the public.

Getting back to my obsession with things Celtic, I wanted to give Tommy a unique birthday present of an authentic recreation of a helmet. The reason is that I can’t believe I found a website that makes custom-made items to your specifications. They are accurate to every last detail as they know history and their craft. I am dying to see their handiwork. They make Scottish and Roman helmets of the battle kind and armor and breastplates to go with them. The Celts were no strangers to war and never went into battle unprotected. On the websites, the samples looked impressive with all the requisite detail. I love the Celtic designs and want a helmet that features them. For three or four hundred dollars, you can give your true love the experience of an ancient warrior. He can reenact life in a long-lost age. I adore the unique shape of the typical style. The classic look is called “coolos.” This traditional helmet has a rounded appearance and a flared back. Be sure to ask for hinged cheek guards. I am going to leave no stone unturned as for authenticity.

Tommy was ecstatic when he saw the helmet. How on earth, he cried. I told him it wasn’t easy and that I was going to make my own version, using cool welding helmets as the starting point. It would have been a travesty and unlikely to please his keen eyes. He loved that I went the extra mile and had spent so much money. He would treasure it; and while it might never get worn, he would mount it on the wall in a very strategic place. I definitely got the right thing for a guy who has everything. I know most people are laughing right now, but this is my world. It is full of Celtic stories, history, lore, music, and replicas. We all have our passions. My will never be slated. I am happy that Tommy shares my love.